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Heifers and Cows

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BCF Forever Lady D253 2.jpg
B C F Forever Lady D253
BCF Edella D22.jpg
B C F Edella D22

Beaver Creek Farms has two open heifers for sale in the Foundation Angus Sale at the National Western Stock Show on January 12, 2023. Click on the "for sale" button to view videos and read about these unique opportunities.

Beaver Creek ForeverLady D627 (AAA *18542629)
Sire: Vision Unanimous 1418 (AAA *16992096)
​Dam: Freys Forever Lady H10-U03 (AAA *16345943)

BW: -1.1
Milk: +30
PAP: -1.09

Poss Rawhide heifer calf at side

E A Pure Princess 301 (AAA *17630514)

Sire: MCATL Pure Product 903-55 (AAA *16482454)

Dam: E A Savanna Princess 102 (AAA *17025208)

BW: +1.2

YW: +100

Milk: +36

Marb: +.67

RE: +.63

$M: +68

$W: +72


Beaver Creek Edella D421 (AAA *17929913)

Sire: S A V Brilliance 8077 (AAA *16107774)

Dam: B C A Edella RL D216 (AAA *17296384)

BW: +.3


Milk: +35

Claw: +.37

Angle: +.40

RE: +.66

$M: +69

2022 Replacement Heifers Sired By:

Square B Atlantis 8060
Musgrave Sky High 1535

Poss Rawhide
Musgrave 316 Colossal 137
Connealy Shamrock

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