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BCF Exclusive D348

AAA 20732085

If you're in the market for a bull that has calving ease through and through, then this is just the bull for you! He is stacked with calving ease all through his pedigree/epd's and also has the power and performance to get the job done when looking for heavy weights at the end of the year. With heritage like Musgrave Sky-high 1535, LD Capitalist 316, Vision Unanimous 1418, Musgrave Prim Lassie 163-386, and the Beaver Creek Forever Lady cow family, you are sure to have a long line of the greats on your side. BCF Exclusive D348 carries a -.7 on BW, +11 CED, and doesn't lack at all when it come to thickness, growth, volume, and eye appeal. He just sets down on the nicest foot that you could imagine. If you're looking for that bull that is going to throw you small calves, but still give you those super stars that you're looking for at the end of the year, then give us a call-- BCF Exclusive D348 will be waiting on you!!


BCF Pacific D343 AAA 20727749

This is a bull that we feel checks a lot of boxes for the producer today, no matter what part of the industry you are in. He's deep, thick, big boned, calm as a kitten, solid from front to rear, and has all these qualities setting on the best structure you could ask for in a bull. His DAM's pedigree is stacked with sires like Musgrave Sky High 1535 and S A V Brilliance which was the perfect combination for the great EDELLA cow family here at Beaver Creek Farms. His sire is none other than the powerhouse himself Sterling Pacific 904. BCF Pacific D343 is a bull that will catch your eye when you walk in the pen and you'll just continue to fall in love with him the longer you're around him.

*BW +2.8

*WW +76

*YW +140

*SC +1.71

*CLAW +.45

*ANGLE +47

*DOC +31 (TOP 4%)

These two bulls and MORE for SALE

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